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Firm, tone and tighten

Radiofrequency treatment at our skin clinic in Aylesbury & Hertfordshire, 3D uses the latest tripolar technology to lift and firm loose and sagging skin while improving overall skin tone.* It’s non-invasive and pain free but has the potential to deliver results that help you look and feel great.

Targeted radio frequencies heat beneath the skin of the treated area. This causes collagen fibres to contract which helps to break down old collagen. At the same time, fibroblast (a cell in connective tissue) metabolism is speeded up to trigger the formation of new collagen and elastin. These precious fibres then firm and tighten skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restoring radiance.*

  • Radiofrequency targets sagging skin and loss of firmness*
  • Tightens, firms and tones while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles*
  • Can address specific concerns such as a wobbly tummy or sagging jawline*
  • Suitable for face and body*

Areas and concerns that can be targeted with radiofrequency

This versatile treatment is suitable for both the face and body. It’s particularly effective for:

  • Firming and lifting the face*
  • Rejuvenating the neck and décolletage*
  • Tightening the neck area*
  • Firming the abdomen, waistline, thighs and breasts*
  • Targeting under and upper arms (bingo wings)

If you’d like to enquire about radiofrequency at our skin clinic in Aylesbury & Tring, Berkhamsted and Hertfordshire, you can contact our team by calling 01442 890 384, sending an email to info@bowhousedental.co.uk or by visiting our contact page.

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*Individual results may vary.

  1. What is radio frequency?

    This groundbreaking treatment uses targeted radio frequencies to heat skin below its surface to trigger the production of new collagen and elastin. This helps to firm and tighten skin whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.*

  2. What happens during treatment?

    After an in-depth consultation with your aesthetician, electrodes of radio-frequency energy are passed across the treatment area via a hand-held device. As the energy penetrates the skin’s layers, you’ll feel a warm sensation (but no pain).*

  3. How long does the treatment take?

    Plan to be with us for around 60 minutes. That gives us time for consultation and to answer any questions you might have.

  4. How long should results last?

    This does vary from one individual to the next but results generally last for up to 6 months.* A course of treatments could help you achieve the best possible results. We can talk through this during your consultation.

  5. What about downtime?

    There’s no downtime with radio frequency.

  6. Is radio frequency safe?

    Radio frequency is a safe procedure that’s been tried and tested worldwide.

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*Individual results may vary.

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